Training during COVID 19

Denver and The Tri-County Areas have allowed for dog training to continue during the COVID19 pandemic. It is considered an essential service for a family member as well as part of caring for a family member in the home. While I am happy to be able to continue to serve, there are certain guidelines that I am following to keep contact to a minimum and keep everyone safe during training. For this reason and until the quarantine has been lifted I'm only offering my Special Services training.

What that means is I will take your dog and train him on my own for about 1-1.5 hours per session for 2 or 3 days a week.  At the end of every 2 weeks , I will review with you and show you how to mimic what I've taught your dog. The Review Class can be done by Video/ FaceTime / in person ( maintaining social distance, wearing gloves and mask) or whatever way we can think of to get you the information safely so you can learn how to train your dog. I will also make myself available to you by phone/Facetime whenever you have a question.

This type of training quickens the learning process and its very easy to transfer over to you as long as you follow the guidelines I show you. Please feel free to contact me by phone to discuss this training in more detail

Pricing for the Specialized Training goes as follows

2 days per week = $600 per month

3 days per week = $900 per month 

*All puppies and most adult dogs require 2 months of training as a minimum

On the rare occasion an adult dog can achieve the goals of its owner in 1 month 


* private sessions

* in home training

* puppy classes

* obedience training

* behavioral modification



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